Saving Money with The Dave Ramsey Cash Envelope Budget System

by Love Sujeiry

One of my goals for 2020 centered around money. That’s to make more money, contribute more money to Black and Brown Owned Businesses by shopping Black and Brown, and definitely to save more money. Real talk: my relationship with money has been as unhealthy as my relationship with men. Toxic, even. Just like I allowed men to be non-committal and wishy-washy I’ve struggled with being responsible enough to respect the ways of the Mighty Dollar.


Money comes, money goes. And I often found myself spending money as quickly as I earned it, never thinking about my future or planning for long-term. Assuming I would be such the radio and Reality Television star that I had nothing financially to worry about, money fell from my lap as quickly as men fell out of my life.  Now, at 41, I realized how much I fucked myself from the financial freedom and growth that I’ve always craved and attempted to manifest.

All is not lost. I still have today because I am ALIVE. In 2020, I decided to use The Dave Ramsey Cash Envelope Budget System. This video shows you how I am using the cash envelope system and how it’s helped me save, save ,save and budget like a baaaws.


I specifically used The Dave Ramsey Cash Envelope Budget System for variable expenses, such as groceries, fun (going out to bars, girls night, beauty and personal care) and my son’s activities. Along with this system, I am also budgeting weekly with a weekly budget Excel spreadsheet.

Soon, I will share another video where I show how much I’ve saved as well as my financial progress overall. I feel really confident that I can save at $100 this month even with all of my expenses (there are many). I’m also excited to continue to learn about money and to improve my money mindset.

Just you watch, me and Money are going to be just fine. 

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