I Reveal My Goals for 2020

by Love Sujeiry

Hello and welcome to Love Sujeiry TV, a space where I share my content and the content of other melenated women. From blogs to vlogs to original webseries, my goal is to create a space to tell Black and Brown stories by women for women. From product reviews to motivational tips to interviews and talk show series, we are going to DO IT ALL. My hope is to build Love Sujeiry TV as the go-to multimedia platform for all things creative for women of color.


I felt it was appropriate to begin this here vlog for women of color and by women of color with a video on my goals for 2020. I needed to share this and watch this again for myself; in all honestly, I lost sight of what I wanted to create due to fear.

Creating content takes time, what if no one watches? What if I can't afford to launch this vlog/blog the way that I desire? What if creatives just want to create for their own platforms and y'all get sick of seeing my sole brown face?

Ya see what the mind can do to us, right? It can stop us dead in our heels (or if you're anything like me after having my son, flats). 


Today I reveal my top 10 goals for 2020. And yes, on the top of that list is to launch a new platform where I produce and create content by women of color for women of color about women of color. I also vowed to focus on creating again as it is a gift from God that lives within me. I can't ignore my love for creating video content and for crafting words and telling our stories. As a storyteller, I breathe this shit.

So press play and watch away.

Side note: I really believe in goal-setting and using manifestation coupled with practical steps to achieve what we desire. It’s not always easy, but when we write things down, really believe in ourselves and do the damn thing (work/act) we can accomplish our goals. I am a testament to that.

What are your 2020 goals? Share in comments below and make sure to subscribe to the YouTube channel!

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